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Inducing sap...

Hello all...
I was just sitting back and thinking and wondering what some of y'all's favorite things about ND were...I could talk about the bits I didn't like,but not now.

My favorites (not including actual moments with people):
--the Holy Cross Cemetery by the lake
--the saggy red couches in the KofC (before the madmen came in)
--looking up at the centre of the Golden Dome when main building was still kind of cool and decrepit
--the gold stars on the basilica ceiling
--the drippy wax iron candelabras at the Grotto
--the Great Hall in O' Shaghnessy
--the high booths in Waddick's
--the brass statue of Diana in the basement of the Snite by the film screening area
--the Special Collections area at the Library
and I miss the old yellow brick stadium. I hate seeing it all covered up as a monument to greed. Grrr.
--the baby ducks in the reflecting pool at the library each spring.
--and of course, the big fat squirrels:)

Anybody else care to join in the schmaltz?
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